[2] He Who Escorts Me Home

Younghoon drives the car to a quiet housing complex not far away from their hideout. He stops in front of a modest town house where Se-ah has told him to stop.

“Here we are,” Se-ah says as she slings her bag on her shoulder.

“So, This is your place. thank you for saving Hwall,” Younghoon says with a simple smile carved on his lips. He is walking with Se-ah to her place. It is relatively quite close to their hideout castle.

“Thank you for walking me home,” Se-ah smiles and bowed her head slightly to the latter. “Younghoon-nim? Younghoon-ssi? Mr Younghoon?”

Younghoon chuckles upon the comment. “Just Younghoon Oppa will do,” He flashes a smile. “You're Song Se-ah, right?” Younghoon asks, earning a nod from the younger.

“I'll ask my parents about what Sangyeon-nim said later today. I'll keep my mouth shut about the werewolf issue. I'll help taking care of Hyunjoon too,” Se-ah rambles.

“I'll go from here,” Younghoon waved his hand to the younger and turned his back on the girl.

“Younghoon Oppa, can I visit the mansion, anytime?” she asks.

Younghoon turned his head, facing the girl and nodded. “Yes, of course. Hyunjoonie will be happy if you're around,” He then drives farther and farther away from the house. “anyways, we saved our numbers in your phone.”

He's so handsome, his deep brown eyes and milky white skin. I wonder if anyone had already fell for him. Se-Ah thought.

Se-ah walks inside her house to find her mother and father waiting in the living room with an extremely worried look on their faces.

“Mom, Dad,” She carefully approaches her parents.

“Song Se-ah, where have you been all night?” Mr Song asks while hugging Se-ah.

“Se-ah, are you okay, dear?” this time the woman in somewhat her 50's approached the girl and hugged her.

“I-I heard the howls, I followed and rescued a – werewolf, mom,” Se-ah answers the question as she begins patting her parents' backs. “How can their howls be heard by an ordinary girl like me?”

“Se-ah, you're not an ordinary girl since you were born. Most people in our family had this power. including me. Back to our ancestors, your great-great-grandparents were the ones who started everything. They signed a blood pact between the Song bloodline and this particular werewolf pack. once you are 17, their howls will be vivid to your ears. you can also decipher their cries or howls. You'll also be able to communicate with them telepathically and protect them. you have to stay with them once you found them.” her father explains.

“You have to take care of them, whatever it takes, promise me. it wouldn't be easy. for the enemies will come and haunt you.” her mother adds.

“Why?” Se-ah asks as she frowned her forehead.

“Your power is like a beacon to the affiliated pack. but it will also put missing links and messes up every single enemy's communication,” Mr song explains. “And when the day comes, there's one of them that will mark you their mate.”

“So, have you found the pack?” her mother asks curiously.

“Yes, twelve of them. I found one of them badly wounded last night, that's why I stayed there until he was taken back to the hideout. and they took me as well,” Se-ah explained. “I never knew a werewolf hideout would be that grand, dad,” she beamed.

“Some packs are known to be wealthy, though,” Her mother smiled. “Now go wash and have some rest. you've walked a long journey.”

Hyunjoon🐱 invited Song Se-Ah to join Douze WolfBoyz group chat

Angel Jacob😇 hello, the girl who saved our baby.

Hyunjoon🐱 Se-ah, welcome.

Song Se-Ah hello, this is Se-Ah speaking I never expected to get into the circle but thank you. And Sangyeon-nim, I did the homework

Sangyeon🐺 So, now you understand why? ah, and meet the members.

Song Se-Ah yes yes, mom and dad told me earlier. Please take care of me ^0^

Younghoon hi, welcome to the jungle, Se-ah

Song Se-Ah hello, younghoon oppa! 🖐🏻

Hyunjae You call Younghoon Oppa and not us too? this is discrimination :(

Song Se-Ah But Younghoon Oppa asked me to do so :3:

Sangyeon🐺 From now on, since you're a part of us, you're free to drop the formality. call us 'Oppa'

Kevz 🌑 Hello, I'm Kevin but the humans also called me Hyungseo and since you're Hyunjoon's classmate, you can call me Hyungseo with Oppa at the end

Angel Jacob😇 hello, Se-ah I'm Jacob. or you can also call me Joonyoung. if Kev scares you, don't mind him. it's just Kev being Kev

Song Se-Ah Hello Jacob Oppa, Kevin Oppa nice to meet you two

Kim Sunwoo since we're also going to the same school, hello there, my name is Kim Sunwoo from class 3.

Song Se-Ah You're Se-Lim's classmate, right? Song Se-Lim is my twin sister. Sadly, she isn't like me.

Sangyeon🐺 You have a sister? She might not be now. but she'll come to realize that she's like you I wonder which pack will she go.

Song Se-Ah Se-Lim said she hadn't heard howls like me But i hope she got hers soon. So that i'll see which side is she on.

Angel Jacob😇 Sides? What are you talking about?

Song Se-Ah you'll find soon, cobbie oppa~

Angel Jacob😇 you left me on curiousity i am: crying

Eric let's not think about that for now. any who~ I'm Eric. but you can call me babe.

Hyunjoon🐱 Eric, can you stop?!

Song Se-ah Hi Eric, let's be friends! I hope i can be friends with all of you. oh, and cobbie oppa, it's okay, we'll find out soon enough Anyways, Hwall, how's your leg?

Hyunjoon🐱 It's getting better. I'll be using the wheelchair tomorrow. will you help me?

Eric I am: Friendzoned! i cri :'''

Song Se-Ah YES!! Of course, I'll help you ^^

Haknyeon Sorry for breaking the moment~ I'm Joo Haknyeon nice to meet you, kiddo

Changmin Hi, I'm Changmin!

Choi Chanhee Hello, I'm Chanhee please take care of me

Juyeon Hi, kid. Juyeon here. nice to know you.

Hyunjae My name is Jaehyun. Everyone calls me Hyunjae.

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